Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a form of hot yoga which was originated by Bikram Choudhury. Most of the benefits of Bikram yoga are, therefore, same as hot yoga. It aims to increase general health, and students of this style have a belief that a heated room helps drive a deeper stretch while preventing injury. Benefits of Bikram yoga include enhanced flexibility, endless flushing of toxins due to increased perspiration and successful recovery from injury (due to deep stretching). Some of the major benefits of Bikram yoga have been listed below. 

1.      Weight Loss: Bikram yoga is quite beneficial for weight loss. It improves your digestion and metabolism. The heated conditions present in Bikram yoga environment, helps to burn fat more easily as it flushes and detoxifies the body. One session helps to lose around 500 to 1000 calories.

2.  Blood Pressure: It is very effective for stabilizing high blood pressure. The blood pressure may show a slight rise after first week of work out, but slowly it will come down to normal pressure in coming weeks. Therefore, Bikram yoga must be continued to keep the blood pressure normal.

3.    Depression: If you are feeling low, Bikram yoga is there to cheer you up. Each yoga session will help you relax and free your mind.

4.    Breathing Problems: Bikram yoga strengthens heart and lungs, and improves the functioning of lungs. This helps you breathe easier and deeper.

5.    Back Pain: Many people have recovered from back pain, stiff neck, headaches and other body aches by doing Bikram yoga on a regular basis. This yoga is so designed that it helps to gain spinal flexibility and a healthy nervous system. The yoga instructor must be made aware that you have back pain issues. The instructor would then introduce some modifications, if necessary.

6.     Diabetes: Recent study has confirmed that performing Bikram yoga postures on a regular basis can decrease blood-sugar levels and keeps diabetic symptoms in check.

7.     Skin and Beauty: It helps our skin and face develop “the Bikram glow”. It is so called because your eyes become brighter and skin becomes shiner and softer. Sweating helps to open pores and clean them. This releases natural lanolin, which is responsible for softening the skin and preserving its elasticity.

Therefore, with vast variety of benefits, Bikram yoga is quite useful for people of all ages. Youngsters look to gain flexibility, toned muscles and good looking skin, whereas elders look for a healthier body and a better control on sugar and blood pressure.

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